Body Odyssey

Body Odyssey: Journey through the human body – Teacher Resource 

Body Odyssey was on view at Te Papa in 2001 and is now closed.


Curriculum link: Health and Physical Education

Part One (pdf, 1.23 MB)

How to Use this Kit
Links with the New Zealand Curriculum
Starter Activities and ongoing Activities

  • Personal Profiles
  • Names of Body Parts
  • Building a Body
  • Body Glossary 

Part Two  (pdf, 871 kB)

The Respiratory System - Teacher Notes
Respiration Activities

  • Creating a model lung
  • Building a spirometer
  • Ordering the air passages
  • Breathing and exercise
  • Breathing in and out
  • A closer look at pollen
  • Dust in the air
  • Building a respiratory system 

Part Three  (pdf, 462 kB)

The Digestive System
Digestion Activities

  • Compare the nutrient content
  • How our intestines work
  • Surface area
  • The story of food
  • Cardboard tube stethoscopes
  • Test your knowledge
  • Building a digestive system 

Part Four  (pdf, 297 kB)

The Circulatory System
Circulation Activities

  • Cardboard tube stethoscopes
  • How to exercise effects our heart rates
  • The volume of blood in our bodies
  • How many times does your heart pump?
  • It's hard work being a heart
  • The blood train

Part Five (pdf, 864 kB)

The Skin System - Teacher Notes
Skin Activities

  • How much skin do you have
  • Fingerprinting
  • A closer look at skin

Part Six (pdf, 130 kB)

The Immune system - Teacher Notes
Immunity Activities

  • Spreading it around

Part Seven - Glossary of Terms (pdf, 49.9 kB) 


  • Books
  • Websites
  • National Library School's Service


  • Personal Profile Worksheet
  • Vitamins and Minerals


Body Odyssey was created by the Children's Museum of Manhattan with the generous support of Merck & Co.