Student activity trails 

Students in Mountains to Sea, learning about the colossal squid. Photographed by Michael Hall, 2010. Te Papa

These activity trails will help you to explore Te Papa. Each trail contains a range of fun activities so you can get the most out of your museum visit. Each trail should be printed on A3 paper, then folded to create a booklet. Students can work on these individually or in pairs. 

The trails are perfect for self-guided visits. If you would like more support with your visit please book a guided education programme.

Discover art in different exhibitions at Te Papa. Discuss the stories art works may tell, think about what inspired artists, and create drawings of your ownLearn about fascinating Māori traditions, stories and history as you explore the unique taonga in Mana Whenua

Dig up a Mosasaur skeleton, explore a cave and discover the powerful natural forces that have shaped the unique landscape of NZ

 Discover and be amazed by New Zealand's extraordinary native plants and animals - from the huge blue whale to the tiny robinInvetebrates have no backbone and make up 97% of all animals on the planet. Investigate Te Papa to learn about these creatures
Since humans arrived in Aotearoa, the land has been changing. Follow this trail to explore the impacts of human activity in NZExplore Aotearoa's links with the Pacific Islands as you discover some amazing stories and objectsFollow this trail through Bush City and discover some of the amazing plants and animals that can only be found in Aotearoa

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