Awesome Forces! 

Vistors explore Awesome Forces, 2011. Photograph by Norman Heke. Te Papa.

Explore the inner workings of our amazing planet.

Journey deep into the centre of our planet, and discover the forces that shape the landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand. Piece together the puzzle of plate tectonics, and carry out hands-on investigations into why we experience earthquakes and volcanoes. Then work out the best way that we can prepare ourselves for these natural events.

Programme information

Availability: All year

Learning areas and strands: Science – Planet Earth and Beyond: Earth systems

Year level: 9–10

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost per student: $6.50 (teachers and parent helpers are free)

Full programme information: Essential reading before attending this programme

Awesome Forces programme information (PDF, 64.8kB)

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