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The following websites are suitable for children.


Te Papa's Collections Online

See all the objects from Egypt that Te Papa cares for.

This site features extensive information on pyramids and monuments, mummification, gods and beliefs, pharaohs and dynasties, daily life, and hieroglyphs, along with a detailed timeline. It also includes a Mummy Maker game, which takes place in the embalmers’ tent and shows how the ancient Egyptians made mummies. (Requires Flash).

Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

Go to the Interactive Zone and then Ancient Egypt for a kid-friendly timeline, a mummy game that explains concepts including canopic jars and shabtis (ushabtis), and printable activities. (Requires Flash.)

British Museum

The British Museum explains everything you want to know about ancient Egypt, using a ‘Story, Explore, and Challenge’ approach.

Cleveland Museum of Art

This website has information on pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphs, pharaohs, Egyptian animals, and more. There is also a fun Egypt quiz and a colouring book.

Daily Papyrus

Find the latest on ancient Egypt –­ plus spells, hieroglyph translators, magic, games, timelines, news bulletins, and more.

Guardian's Ancient Egypt Kid Connection

Here you can find links to websites with information and games relating to ancient Egypt, including those of major organisations like the Smithsonian Institution, the British Museum, and National Geographic.

Metropolitan Museum of Art – Art Connections

This website gives examples of ancient Egyptian art, discusses concepts associated with the pieces, and provides related activities.

Neferchichi's Tomb

This website has lots of information about mummies, pharaohs (kings), hieroglyphs, gods, and more - plus games, Egyptian stories, clip art, and classroom activity ideas.


Budding archaeologists can go on virtual tours of pyramids and read about an archaeological dig. This site also contains general information about ancient Egypt.

Pop Cap Games

Have fun avoiding a mummy and escaping from a maze.

Shira – Ancient Egyptian Art

This website provides examples of ancient Egyptian images that have been found on tombs and temple walls and explains what they depict.