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Footage licensing service 

Te Papa's footage collection holds many hours of unique audio visual content.

We have a wide range of footage, stock shots, and animations available to license including archival material, footage captured by our scientists and researchers on field trips, interviews with our experts, and time-lapse footage of our museum and exhibitions in action.

Among our most impressive audio-visual offerings is our deep-sea footage capturing many species of ocean life at depths of up to 1500 metres, including rare footage of the hagfish slime defence mechanism.

See below for a small selection of what we have available. We have more to offer than the footage displayed on this page, so if you think we may have footage that you would like to view please get in touch:

View more of Te Papa’s unique videos and images on the Te Papa Channel – home of Te Papa’s multimedia content.

Deep sea

Filmed at 7 separate locations around New Zealand, our experts have captured footage of startling sea life behaviours at depths of 50 metres to 1500 metres. From the amazing hagfish defence mechanism to squid grappling, and rare sharks swimming right up to the camera. We have many hours of footage available. Please see the promo below for an overview.

In the Museum 

We have footage of time-lapse photography of installing exhibitions and experts presenting fascinating insights into our exhibitons. In the Museum footages covers the artistic to the scientific and everything in between.


We have several animations available to licence. Search and Destroy is a journey into the world of the humpback whale and giant squid. In for a swim shows the evolution of whales from land mammals in just over a minute.