Recipients delighted with NZMuseums Grants 

Congratulations to the recipients of the Five–Year NZMuseums Licence Fee Grants. The National Scout Museum, Mangawhai Historical Society, and the Jack Morgan Museum will be able to catalogue their collections on NZMuseums for the next five years with their fees paid for by NSTP.

Helen Curreen of Mangawhai Historical Society says, ‘The Mangawhai Museum was delighted to receive a grant to cover the licence to eHive for the next five years. This was very timely as several databases had been trialled in the past three or four years, a card catalogue system and nomenclature process established, but a final decision was becoming urgent as we have just poured the foundations for a stunning new museum. It is important for us to set up a proper database before we move objects into the new building. Use of eHive will be a very major advance on the one line allocated in a school exercise book started in 1983! So a big thank you from the Mangawhai Historical Society.’ Explore Mangawhai Historical Society’s collections

1930s Tenderfoot Tests, National Scout MuseumPaul van Herpt of the National Scout Museum is also pleased: ‘The NZMuseums website gives our collection access to a wider audience via the internet. For too long the National Scout Museum has been seen as a Christchurch facility but not one that the whole Scout Association of NZ can have some ownership of. As a museum we have collections which need storage and preservation which necessitates a fixed base, while at the same time we need to provide access to all members of the Scout Association of which we are a part. These needs conflict, and so the latter can really only be achieved by the internet, and NZMuseums is set up and available for that use. It therefore seemed a logical step for us to make in order to develop and grow our facility into the leading facility for caring for the social history involved with Scouting.’ Explore the National Scout Museum’s collections

Image: 1930s Tenderfoot Tests, National Scout Museum