Broaden your audience - Donna Williams 

Thursday 25 June 2009, Te PapaDonna Williams

In partnership with Whanganui Regional Museum, National Services Te Paerangi had the pleasure of hosting Donna Williams, Chief Audience Development Officer from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Donna spoke about the Met's Multicultural Audience Development Initiative which she leads. Around 60 people from Te Papa and external museums and cultural organisations attended and heard Donna speak about:

  • creating relationships with diverse communities in New York
  • diversifying visitorship and membership
  • increasing participation in programs and activities.

She emphasised the importance of not only building relationships with communities, but actively engaging with them and inviting their input.

Listen to the talk



Donna's talk (MP3, 26.3MB)

Multicultural Audience Development Initiative presentation (PDF, 1.87MB)

About Donna Williams

Donna Williams is the Chief Audience Development Officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the ‘Met’) in New York City.

She heads a successful multicultural audience development and community partnership programme which has allowed the museum to forge new collaborative relationships with African American, Asian American, Hispanic, and Native American communities.

The programme’s advisory panel includes museum representatives, cultural leaders in New York, and national not-for-profit organisations representing African-American families, Hispanic women, Asian women in business and others.