Speak geek to me: social media in a nutshell - Tee Morris 

Tee MorrisWednesday 17 June 2009, Wellington:

In partnership with Te Papa, NSTP engaged Tee Morris, a specialist in social media to provide a seminar for the museum sector while visiting New Zealand.

Tee spoke about Web 2.0 is and gave an overview of the different tools such as podcasts, blogs, wikis and social media. Tee answers:
How is a podcast different from streaming media? What’s the difference between an email newsletter and a blog? And what exactly IS a wiki? The focus of this seminar is on understanding Social Media initiatives and how they work.

“Speak Geek to Me” also provides a critical look at these new initiatives and explains why some Social Media solutions may not be the best options.

About the Presenter

Over more than a decade, Tee Morris (based in the US) has built a reputation as a New Media expert. He is the co-author of Podcasting for Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies, has written a soon to be released book entitled 'All a Twitter', hosts the Imagine That! Studios blog, and has spoken on New Media at numerous events. Since 1996, he has taught classes on Podcasting, Web 2.0 initiatives, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Audition, and Premiere throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

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