Customer service 

Vance Vivian Menswear 1924-1965, Burt, Gordon (1893–1968), Gordon H. Burt Ltd (1933–1980), Wellington. Te Papa
Vance Vivian Menswear 1924-1965, Burt, Gordon (1893–1968), Gordon H. Burt Ltd (1933–1980), Wellington. Te Papa


A visit to the museum can be a high quality experience which allows visitors and users to focus on their enjoyment of the collections and taonga, exhibits and events.

Know your visitors - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 1.74MB)


Regular access

The public can expect regular access to the exhibitions and other public services at convenient times and for reasonable periods appropriate to the nature and location of the museum.

Physical access

All members of the public can readily locate and access the museum, its entrance, galleries and facilities with ease.

Planning public programmes

These resources can help you create public programmes that are relevant and enjoyable for the visitors while contributing to the museum's goals.

Introduction to Visitor Surveys - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 1.06MB)

Developing a visitor research project plan (DOC, 40kB)

Sample - Visitor survey (DOC, 60kB)

A Guide to Guardians of Iwi Treasures He Tohu ki ngā Kaitiaki o ngā Taonga-a-iwi - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 753kB)

Customer service

Customer feedback

Your museum can respond to favourable and unfavourable comments by taking action to recognise staff success and to improve the quality of its exhibitions, facilities, user services and other aspects of the museum’s operations.

Customer complaints

It is useful to record problems and how they are addressed, taking action where necessary to avoid disappointing other visitors and users.

Customer satisfaction

All museum users should receive a warm welcome and a consistent level of service, regardless of the extent or nature of their contact with the museum.

Customer service - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 386kB)