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Working together, building success: Highlights from National Services Te Paerangi 2008–2009 (2010)
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Ki te Whakamana I te Kaupapa Tikanga-a-rua ki roto I ngā Whare Taonga o te Motu: Kei hea e tū ana? Bicultural Developments in Museums of Aotearoa: what is the current status? (1997)
This report focuses on bicultural partnership within New Zealand museums, and provides resources to inform future bicultural development.
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Te Kaupapa Tikanga-ā-rua I roto I ngā Whare Taonga ō Aotearoa: Anei ko te Huarahi Bicultural Developments in Museums of Aotearoa: A Way Forward (1999)
looked at the potential to develop regional strategies for bicultural development in the museum sector.
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Costs and Benefits of the Investors in People Standards - A Pilot Project in Two Museums (2001)
This report summarises costs, benefits, and key factors affecting the process and outcomes for museums in achieving the Investors in People Standard.
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E-Commerce and Museums in New Zealand (2002)
The report includes responses to a survey on e-commerce, local and international case studies, and recommendations for the future of e-commerce for New Zealand museums, iwi (tribes), and heritage organisations.
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Exhibiting Enterprise - Generating Income in New Zealand Museums (2001)
This report is a resource for those governing and managing museums, and a basis for partnership projects supporting museums to generate additional revenue.
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Enterprising Museums (2002)
Through six case studies, this report explores factors influencing the degree to which people involved in New Zealand museums exhibit enterprising behaviours.
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Improving Bicultural Relationships - a Case Study (2000)
This case study explores the development of a sound working relationship between the Gisborne Museum and the C Company 28 Māori Battalion.
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Kaitiaki Māori Training Needs Analysis (2003)
This report is designed as a companion document to the training framework, and looks at the training needs and priorities of the sector from the perspective of Kaitiaki Māori (Māori guardians).
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Museums’ Marketing Needs - Research Report (1997)
The objective of this research is to determine the information and training needs of the New Zealand museum community in relation to marketing.
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Museums Online: Finding Museums Everywhere (2002)
This report explores museum websites and related portal developments, and development options for the current New Zealand Museums Online websites.
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Museums’ Training Framework - Building a stronger museum sector (1997)
This report describes the methodology, findings, and implications of the Museums Training Framework project, and presents a model for decision-making about training for the museum sector.
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National Training Framework for Museums Te Anga Kaiako ā Iwi mō ngā Whare Taonga ō te Motu (1999)
This report helps identify staff training needs. Managers can use it to develop training plans and to access national training programmes as these become available.
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Selected Bibliography of Resource Information for Iwi and Bicultural Development with Regard to Museums and Cultural Heritage (2003)
The bibliography identifies key information resources for iwi and bicultural development with regard to museums and cultural heritage, including international material.
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The Copyright Act 1994 - A manual for New Zealand Museums (1997)
This report is a guide to the Act as it affects general museum operations. It clarifies possible legal issues and guides museums in developing copyright policies and implementation strategies.
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Toward a New Zealand Museums Standards Scheme (1999)
This report describes the 1997-98 feasibility study which drew on research into overseas museum standards programmes, standards programmes in other New Zealand sectors, and consultation with the museum sector.
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The Trial of the New Zealand Museums Standards Scheme 1999/2000 (2000)
This report evaluates one stage in the development of a standards scheme for New Zealand museums, a trial involving fourteen museums.
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Wānanga on Bicultural Governance and Leadership in Museums He Wānanga Tirohanga Rangapū mō Te Kaupapa Tikanga-ā-rua I roto i Ngā Whare Taonga (1999)
This wānanga (forum) focused on governance and leadership. Four case studies illustrate the range of approaches taken by museums forming bicultural relationships with iwi.
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He Wānanga Tirohanga Rangapū mō Te Kaupapa Tikanga-ā-rua I roto i ngā Whare Taonga - Wānanga on Bicultural Development in Museums (1999)
This report summarises the main points expressed at a 1999 wānanga on bicultural development in museums.
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Mātauranga Māori and Museum Practice: A Discussion (2007)
This report follows on from one of our He Rauemi Resource Guides of the same name. Written by Dr Charles Royal, it will be useful to those who are seeking a more detailed explanation of Mātauranga Māori and what it embodies.

The marketing mix: promoting museums, galleries & exhibitions (1995)
This book discusses methods of promoting museums, galleries, and exhibitions.