Poster, ’Who - Me? Yes!’, June 1943, F.R.A. C. M. Banks Ltd. National War Savings Office, Wellington. Gift of Mr C H Andrews, 1967. Te Papa

War Posters 

Te Papa holds about two hundred posters produced during World War l and World War ll (with a few from the Spanish Civil War). They were designed and produced primarily in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Graphically rich with powerful messages, the posters were an effective way to recruit, disseminate information and warnings, raise money, and encourage production and frugality. They continue to be powerful objects today, allowing an insight into the priorities and attitudes of governments during wartime.

This project aims to document, catalogue, and re-house each poster and treat where necessary - to enable greater access to the collection for research, display, and interpretation.

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