Te Papa Building Wellington Harbour Views. Photographed by Michael Hall.Te Papa.2010

Photography and conduct 

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Photography and filming

Photography and filming

For personal use

Throughout most of Te Papa, you’re welcome to use your camera to take photos and video for personal, non-commercial use.

This includes photos of:

  • people, with their permission
  • events
  • most collection items, including borrowed works
  • most exhibitions
  • Te Papa interiors.

Selfie sticks are permitted in Te Papa.

You must have permission to use other camera equipment such as tripods and lighting.

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No photos signage

Look out for this sign indicating objects or exhibitions that cannot be filmed or photographed. This may be for cultural reasons, because of copyright, or to protect the objects.

For commercial use

Unless you’ve received permission from us, you must not sell or profit from the photography, film, or video you take at Te Papa, or use it for commercial purposes.

Read more about commercial photography and filming


To protect our taonga (treasures) and make sure everyone’s visit is enjoyable, please be aware that:

  • Te Papa is smoke-free – no smoking, including electronic cigarettes, indoors or outdoors
  • food and drink are not allowed in the museum
  • animals are not allowed, except certified assistance dogs helping people with disabilities
  • skateboards must be stored at Coats, Bags
  • bicycles and scooters can only be stored in the racks outside, behind Quake Braker
  • objects should not be touched, unless signage says you can.

Security cameras are operating.