From the Big Screen 

The bike on display at Te Papa was one of two replicas built at the Britten Motorcycle factory of Burt’s 1962 record-breaking ‘Munro Special’ Indian Scout. It was used in the making of Roger Donaldson’s feature film The World’s Fastest Indian.

Donaldson’s interest was sparked when he made a documentary about Burt Munro in 1971, called Offerings to the God of Speed - the words Burt had written on a shelf containing blown-up and damaged engine parts.

Donaldson left New Zealand for success in Hollywood, writing, producing, and directing films, but an idea to make a feature film of Burt’s story didn’t go away. For thirty years he tinkered away at a script, and in October 2005 The World’s Fastest Indian opened in Invercargill, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins as Burt Munro.

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