Body Odyssey

Body Odyssey 


Where do burps come from? What makes bleeding from a cut stop? What's life like inside an asthmatic lung? How do vaccines work? These and hundreds of other questions about health and well-being are the focus of Body Odyssey, an interactive exhibition created by the Children's Museum of Manhattan and Te Papa with the generous support of Merck & Co Inc.

Each month we shed enough dead skin to fill a supermarket bag.

Body Odyssey offers families the opportunity to explore the science of the human body in a fun, hands-on way. It is designed to stimulate children and families to have a sense of awe and admiration for their bodies. Body Odyssey will also help visitors understand the choices about health they can make that will have a lasting impact on their lives.

Thirty minutes of watching TV will burn up around thirty calories. Half an hour of running really fast will burn up about twenty times as much!

Body Odyssey is also a zany and highly entertaining scientific journey through the human body. Visitors can climb the giant tongue, explore the digestive path, check out the brainbox, zap body invaders, and go with the blood flow! The many interactive exhibits are accompanied by compelling graphics, upbeat text, as well as cartoons and animations that will capture the imagination of all visitors.

Food usually takes around twenty-four hours to pass right through your digestive system.

Visitors to Body Odyssey will learn hundreds of weird and wonderful facts about their body. They'll also find out important life-saving stuff about eating well, staying healthy, and keeping the bugs at bay. And there's lots of interactive games to keep them busy along the way.

The average child giggles about 150 times a day. The average adult laughs about six times a day.

While Body Odyssey encompasses the whole body, it focuses on key areas such as the digestive, respiratory, and blood transport systems, and looks at how they work together to accomplish amazing tasks.

The acid in our stomach can cut through metal.

Body Odyssey also addresses health issues of immediate concern in many countries today, such as asthma, childhood obesity, and the relationship between emotional well-being and physical health.

Research has indicated that children misunderstand many of these fundamental health issues. The exhibition aims to increase their understanding in an enjoyable and interactive way. As well as being great fun, this exhibition has significant links to the classroom and will be an excellent way to enhance learning in this area.

Body Odyssey has been generously funded by Merck & Co Inc, a world pioneer in medical research and education.


Health Festival Events

During Body Odyssey, people celebrated healthy living with an entertaining and interesting festival of events. Each week the festival focused on a different stage of life. It included activities, information stalls, great entertainment - including celebrities, kapa haka, and hip-hop.