The Art of Video Games: Joseph White 

Thursday 7 February 2013,  6.30pm–7.30pm
Signs of a Nation, Level 4
Free entry

Acclaimed videogame designer Joseph White summarises his design and development process and shares his thoughts on the independent videogame industry.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions as the latter part of this event is a Q&A session.

Joseph White

Joseph is a video game designer, best known as the creator of Voxatron. He established Lexaloffle Games in Wellington in 2003 as a vehicle for independently publishing his work. Lexaloffle produced a series of puzzle games including Zen Puzzle Garden and Chocolate Castle, as well as modelling and painting software.

In 2008, Joseph moved to Tokyo as a music student. At that time, he began experimenting with unusual display formats and control schemes. He prototyped several new concepts, including Swarm Racer 3000, Conflux, and Voxatron.

In 2011, Voxatron Alpha was released in conjunction with Humble Bundle, establishing itself as the first game engine and creation tool designed for volumetric displays.


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