A Conversation with Roger Hall and Peter Skellern 

Sunday 24 February 2013,  3pm–4pm
Te Marae, Level 4
Free entry

Playwright Roger Hall and composer Peter Skellern talk about their working relationship and new play about grandparenthood, You Can Always Hand Them Back. No grandparent will want to miss this (or Hall’s new play) and no would-be grandparent should.

You Can Always Hand Them Back is on at Circa Theatre, Wellington, from 23 February to 30 March 2013. It is the first collaboration between Hall, New Zealand's most successful playwright, and distinguished British musician and song-writer Peter Skellern (‘You’re a Lady’, ‘Love is The Sweetest Thing’).

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Roger Hall

Roger Hall has written more than 30 stage plays, including musicals and pantomimes. They have been produced in more than 10 countries and have had a loyal following here for more than 35 years. His second play, Middle Age Spread, was a hit throughout New Zealand and Australia, and then ran in the West End for 15 months, winning the SWET Comedy of the Year for 1979. His most recent plays have been Who Wants to Be 100?, Four Flat Whites in Italy, and A Shortcut to Happiness.

For television, Hall has written more than 60 episodes of sitcoms (as well as one-off plays), including two series of Conjugal Rites for Granada TV in the UK.