ASEAN Film Festival 2013 

Sat 9 & Sun 10 Nov 2013,  Sat 11am–3.15pm, Sun 10.30am–5.15pm
Soundings Theatre, Level 2
Free entry

Image courtesy of ASEAN

The Wellington embassies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are pleased to present the ASEAN Film Festival 2013. Enjoy a diverse selection of films, ranging from drama to comedy and animation. Entry is free, so bring your family and friends. 


Sat 9 Nov

11am: Sandcastle,Singapore, M sex scenes, offensive language, nudity (1hr, 32 min)

1.30pm: Garuda Di Dadaku (Garuda in My Heart), Indonesia, PG (1 hr, 36 min)

Sun 10 Nov

10.30am: SeeFood, Malaysia, PG frightening scenes (1 hr, 33 min)

1pm: Four Sisters and a Wedding, Philippines, PG coarse language and sexual references (2 hr)

3.30pm: The Overture,Thailand, M violence and horror scenes, content may disturb (1 hr, 40 min)



This family drama is rooted in Singaporean history. It’s loosely based on the director’s life experiences and explores the relationship between the older and younger generations. The lead character, En, is a typical 18-year-old boy. While waiting to enlist for National Service, he discovers his grandparents’ old videos and photo negatives, which reveal his late father’s secret past. 

He also experiences his first taste of romance, the death of his grandfather, and his grandmother’s worsening Alzheimer’s disease. He learns of his mother’s affair and discovers his late father’s student activist past. These events and revelations threaten to alter his world view and cause him to re-evaluate elements of his life before they are erased by the tides of time.

Garuda Di Dadaku (Garuda in my Heart)

Bayu, a 12-year-old Indonesian boy, dreams of becoming a soccer player, despite his grandfather wishing him to be an artist. He practises everyday in the alleys of his neighbourhood, with encouragement from his best friend, Heri, a disabled soccer fan.


Come join Pup, a bamboo shark from Malaysia, and Julius, his white-tip friend, on a fun-filled adventure. It begins when poachers steal dozens of egg sacks from Pup’s reef. Angered, Pup makes it his mission to save his brothers and sisters, no matter how impossible the task may seem. His determination takes him above water, into the world of people, which is filled with beauty but also fraught with danger for an aquatic animal. Afraid for Pup’s safety, Julius embarks on his own quest to bring his best pal home. The whole family will enjoy this laugh-out-loud comedy.

Four Sisters and a Wedding

The Salazars are a Filipino family of five children. The eldest, Teddie, is a teacher in Spain. Bobbie is a successful career woman in New York. Alex, the middle child, is a Manila-based, independent assistant film director. Gabbie is also a teacher and lives at home with their mother. CJ is the youngest and only son. 

CJ shocks his sisters by announcing his intent to marry Princess Bayag, his girlfriend of four months. His sisters are not pleased. After years of estrangement, they band together to dissuade their brother from marrying his fiancée. As they try to activate their plan, the sisters must confront emotions and issues they have long suppressed.

The Overture

This film is based on the life of Luang Pradit Pairoh (Sorn Silapabanleng), the most revered traditional Thai music master. He lived during the reigns of Kings Rama V to VIII. The movie traces his life from the time when he picked up the ra-nad ek (Thai xylophone) mallets as a small child and played. The backdrop to Sorn’s life tale is the story of Thailand’s classical music from its golden age during the reign of King Rama V to near extinction after the end of the absolute monarchy. At that point, in the 1930s, the government banned it as uncivilised –contrary to Field Marshall Plaek Pibulsongkram’s plan to push the kingdom into the modern era.

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