Aztec Academia 

Thu 5 Dec 2013,  6pm–6.45pm
Level 4 Espresso
Free entry

Aztecs codex

Discover the beauty and sophistication of the Aztec education system with guest speaker Victoria Ríos Castaño.

In 1325, the Aztecs were landless migrants. By 1519, they’d built a beautiful and awesomely powerful empire. These two centuries of cultural hyper-drive would have been impossible without sophisticated systems for gathering, organising, and passing on knowledge.

The Aztecs had a deep fascination for learning. They understood that a thriving economy and a blossoming culture had to be nourished – by everyone. Every Aztec child, including slaves, attended school. But the real powerhouses of Aztec education were the calmecac, houses of learning for the aristocracy.

Hear how knowledge was passed down the generations. Explore the famed Aztec codices, in which complex pictographs encrypted knowledge. Indulge in the ancient rhetoric of poems, chants, and speeches, which were central to both secular and religious life. 

Prepare to be amazed as Dr Castaño guides you through an evening of Aztec academia. 

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