Madera Fina 

Sunday 24 February,  12 noon–1pm
Te Marae, Level 4
Free entry

Madera Fina will perform authentic Cuban music. The duo is made up of Roberto Rodriguez (guitar and voice) and Rafael Ferrer (percussion and voice) – New Zealand-resident Cuban musicians. 

Madera Fina means 'Fine Wood' in English. The name reflects the fact that, as an acoustic duo, the duo’s sound is more natural, fine, and precious than electronic music. A New Zealand equivalent might be rimu, kauri, or matai. 

Let Madera Fina transport you back to their island without leaving home! They play the traditional Cuban genres of sontrova, guaracha, and chacha – music synonymous with guitar, voice, and percussion.

It has been said the 'son is to Cuba, what the tango is to Argentina and samba is to Brazil'. It is a link between European and African music traditions. 

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