Module Live: The Music of Shatter 

Thursday 17 & Friday 18 January 2012,  7pm–8.30pm
Soundings Theatre, Level 2
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In association with Game Masters, Module (aka Jeramiah Ross) performs his critically acclaimed soundtrack from the award-winning video game Shatter­– live.

Featuring a heady fusion of French electro and 80s-inspired dance music, the Shatter soundtrack is widely acknowledged as one of the great video-game soundtracks of the last console generation, if not all time. Millions have streamed it online, and over 30,000 copies have been sold. 

In this live show, Module singlehandedly plays and loops a wide range of instruments live, including computers, synthesizers, and electric guitars. 

In true Module fashion, the show is a complete synaesthetic experience, featuring lasers, lights, and high production values. It tells the story of a robot breaking free and escaping an oppressive machine-based world.






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Shatter and Game Masters

Shatter was produced by local game development studio Sidhe. It is one of two New Zealand games that feature in Te Papa's season of Game Masters.

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Critical acclaim for the Shatter soundtrack

‘Creating music from scratch that matches the rest of your game is tough, and creating game music that's listenable without the context is even tougher. Managing to do both, well, that deserves some kind of award.’
Giant Bomb awards Shatter best original soundtrack, 2009