Pounamu Live: Hard Science, Serious Fun 

Thu 29 Aug 2013,   7pm–8.30pm
Level 4 Espresso
Free entry

Join a panel of scientists for a live, interactive session based around Pounamu – an online game that imagines New Zealand in the year 2023.

In this panel session, scientists from different disciplines share stories of the capacities their specialties give us today, and the capacities they are likely to give us in 2023. You are invited to help build micro-forecasts (concise ideas – 140 characters, like Twitter) about how we might use those capacities – to make a living, protect the environment, live healthily, have fun, create art.

Bring your laptop or your tablet, hook up to the Wi-Fi, and experience blended reality as real-life and online conversations merge.

The best micro-forecast from the session will win a copy of Shaun Hendy’s new book, Get Off the Grass: Kickstarting New Zealand’s innovation economy.

About Pounamu

Pounamu is an online game that imagines New Zealand in the year 2023, where everyone is smart about science. Players post micro-forecasts of future possibilities, and build on or reshape other players’ ideas.

What will you do? What will you create? Who will you work with? Be optimistic or envisage the worst. You decide – you’re creating the future.

Pounamu – sign up to play

Pounamu playing hub at Te Papa

On 29 & 30 Aug 2013, you can take part in a Pounamu public playing hub at Te Papa. Bring your own tablet or laptop and hook up to the Wi-Fi, or use one of the devices in the hub.

It’s free and you can drop in any time.

Pounamu playing hub at Te Papa

About the panel

Professor Shaun Hendy (MacDiarmid Institute) is a theoretical physicist with interests in nanotechnology, innovation, and science communication.

Dr Stephanie Pride (StratEDGY Strategic Foresight) is a professional futurist, promoting public futures literacy through engaged foresight.

Dr Rebecca Priestley (Victoria University of Wellington) is science historian and writer. She communicates with the public through books, magazine columns, blogs, and Twitter.

Dr Alex Barker (MESA, MacDiarmid Institute, Victoria University of Wellington) is a physics PhD student using ultra-short laser pulses to probe how sunlight is converted into electricity in new types of plastic photovoltaics.

Dr Abby Thompson (Riddet Institute) is a food technologist and nutrition scientist, with a keen interest in their commercial application.

Dr Simon Loveday (Riddet Institute) is a research scientist exploring what our foods could do for us in the future.