Autism Spectrum Disorder – new research 

Thu 3 Oct 2013,  6.30pm–8.00pm
Espresso, Level 4
Free entry

Dr Mike Taylor

What is the role of gut bacteria in autism? Microbiologist Dr Mike Taylor discusses research into Autism Spectrum Disorder, which now affects 1% of the population.

Bacteria and other microorganisms in the human gut have a profound impact on our health, and there is evidence of a link between gut bacteria and the occurrence of autism. Many autistic children experience gut disturbances ranging from diarrhoea to constipation, and some overseas studies suggest that people on the autism spectrum can have different gut bacteria from non-autistic people.

Dr Mike Taylor, from the University of Auckland, discusses the 'Minds for Minds' research network, and the latest New Zealand study into gut microbiota, autism, and other neurological disorders. He has worked on microbes associated with various marine and terrestrial animals, and is now applying the same techniques to study microbial communities within humans. His research will focus on trying to explain the role of gut bacteria in autism.