Science Live: Colossal Squid 

16 Sep 201411am–2pm
Online on YouTube
Talk; Special 

There’s something big – extremely big – in our freezer. It’s a new colossal squid!

Watch live online as specialists in squid biology from Te Papa and Auckland University of Technology undertake research on this rare find. Our presenter will be Veronika Meduna from Radio New Zealand's Our Changing World.

This colossal squid and the specimen already on display at Te Papa are the only two of their kind caught intact – ever! Large colossal squid specimens in good condition are rarely available to scientists, so this latest example has caused great excitement.

Ask our squid scientists

Email sciencelive@tepapa.govt.nz with your questions for our squid scientists. We’ll answer them during the live show.

For regular updates and the latest on the colossal squid, follow:

Visit Te Papa’s colossal squid website to find out more about this species.

Schools, send us your questions

We’re running a special part of the live-stream just for schools. From 11.30am to 12 noon on 16 September, we’ll be answering questions from classrooms across New Zealand.

Email sciencelive@tepapa.govt.nz to join and get your class questions answered.

Images: Dissection of Te Papa's first colossal squid, 2008. Photographed by Jean-Claude Stahl, Te Papa