Science Live: Expedition Snares Island 

Tue 18 Mar 20142pm2.30pm
Online on YouTube, Facebook & Twitter
Talk; Family; Special 

Join a discussion with Te Papa scientists live online! 

Te Papa scientists will discuss penguins, shearwaters and bizarre beetles, all studied during a recent Te Papa expedition to Snares Island. You can ask your questions and find out more about being a scientist at Te Papa.

Much of the wildlife on this tiny uninhabited island far off the coast of New Zealand is unique, and Te Papa scientists wanted to discover more about it. How many shearwaters are there? Were the Snares Island broadbilled prions part of the prion wreck in 2011? And what in the world is Cook’s scurvy grass?
The next exciting instalment of Science Live will answer these questions – and yours!

Tree daisies, sea lions, unusual beetles, lots of penguins and giant herbs…all these species make up the diverse wildlife on Snares Island, one of the most unspoilt parts of New Zealand. Join our scientists and find out more!

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