Te Ao Kōhatu Māori Toolmaking 

Sat 8 Feb 2014,  10am–5pm
Signs of a Nation, Level 4
Free entry

Stone tool
Toki pakohe (argillite adze blade), 1994, made by Dante Bonica. Te Papa (ME23795)

Practitioners from Te Ao Kōhatu share the philosophy, knowledge, and techniques of customary Māori toolmaking, particularly stone working.

Watch them demonstrate the skills involved in transforming raw pakohe (slate, or argillite) into a finished toki (adze). Be part of a discussion around the role of Treaty of Waitangi rights, obligations, and principles in protecting customary knowledge such as stone toolmaking. And see moving and still images from a recent haerenga (trip) to Rangitoto ki te Tonga (D’Urville Island) to gather stone.

Te Ao Kōhatu

Te Ao Kōhatu is a wānanga (customary workshop) that aims to recover, revitalise, and share the mātauranga (knowledge) and techniques of Māori material culture and tool technology, particularly stone working. It is based around the teachings of Dante Bonica at the University of Auckland, and is led by and aimed at practitioners.