Floortalk: The WOW Factor  

Sat 28 Sep 2013,  12 noon–12.40pm
Eyelights Gallery, Level 4
Free entry

Lynn Christiansen, Teasel, 2012, laser-etched acrylic, United States. Photograph courtesy of World of WearableArt™

US designers Sean Purucker and Lynn Christiansen talk about creativity, wearable art, and their work in The WOW Factor, Te Papa’s new exhibition.

Sean Purucker grew up in Alaska and is currently based in California. He has been a regular entrant in WOW® since 2008, and has won several awards, including the WETA Award and the WOW® Factor Award.

Lynn Christiansen is a sculptor and jeweller who lives in California. Since 2007, she has entered eight garments into the World of WearableArt™ Awards, and in 2012 was runner up for the Supreme Award.

The Wow Factor: 25 years in the making