Tongan Language Week Family Fun 

September 7 201411am–3pm
Throughout Te Papa Level 4
Free Entry
Family; Special 

Celebrate the last day of Tongan Language Week with vibrant performances, art, and craft from the Tongan community.

The theme for Tongan Language Week 2014 is ‘Ko e kai ia ‘a e Tonga: Enriching Aotearoa with Tongan wisdom’.


11am–12 noon
Make a Tongan Fan
PlaNet Pasifika, Level 4

Make a Tongan-style Sunday fan using free-to-download images from Te Papa’s Collections Online.

12 noon–2pm
Faka-Sepitema Ceremony
Te Marae, Level 4
On the first Sunday of September, Tongan women celebrate their faith and Tongan identity at Faka-Sepitema. St John’s Uniting Tongan Congregation Church will hold their Faka-Sepitema ceremony here at Te Papa. Take a seat and watch the celebrations.

Faka-Sepitema is an opportunity for churches to honour women in the Tongan community. Everybody puts on their Sunday best. Within families, Faka-Sepitema is celebrated like Mother’s Day.

Make a Tongan Helu (Comb)
PlaNet Pasifika, Level 4
Make a Tongan head adornment inspired by helu (combs) in our Tongan collections.

Tongan Uniting Methodist Church Avalon                                                             Wellington Foyer, Level 2
Enjoy songs of faith and devotion performed by St John’s Uniting Tongan Congregation Church.

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