Tuitui Kōrero: Te Roopu Raranga Whatu o Aotearoa (Māori Weavers of New Zealand) 

 Thursday 11 October 201212.30pm–1.30pm & 6pm–7pm
Visa Platinum Gallery, Level 4
Free entry

Thursday 11 October 2012
Edna Pahewa and Christina Wirihana talk about projects that Te Roopu Rāranga Whatu o Aotearoa is currently involved with.



Tuitui Kōrero

Tuitui Kōrero is a lecture series tied to Te Papa’s exhibition Kahu Ora | Living Cloaks.

Each of the lectures focuses on a different issue faced by contemporary Māori weavers – from intellectual property and conservation to the retention and handing down of knowledge.

They will also explore recent developments in research and provide opportunities to network with other practitioners.

Tuitui Kōrero is presented in partnership with Toi Māori Aotearoa/Māori Arts New Zealand and Te Roopu Rāranga Whatu o Aotearoa/Māori Weavers of New Zealand.

Thursday 19 July 2012
Karl Leonard and Morehu Flutey-Henare talk about how weaving is transferred from artist to artist.

Thursday 23 August 2012
Kahutoi Te Kanawa and Ruth Port talk about the Waitangi Tribunal’s Wai 262 report and the retention of mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge).

Thursday 13 September 2012
Christina Wirihana and Tracey Huxford present a networking update for weavers.

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