Velvet & Elvis Booklaunch 

Monday 18 March,  11am- 12noon
Wellington Foyer, Level 2
Free Entry

Velvet & Elvis is a gorgeous and simple book. It uses Stephanie Bowman's stunning paintings to tell the story of New Zealand's endangered long-fin eel.

Old Velvet , a long-fin eel, has made New Zealand's Lake Rotoiti her home for 101 years. Lately, as hungry male eels swim around smelling for food, she rests her soft, velvety belly on the lakebed. Her tummy is now filled with millions of tiny eggs, leaving no room for food. Velvet knows her time in this protected water is ending. And now, she has something more important to do than eating.

What’s the big deal about a fish?

The long-fin eel (Anguilla dieffenbachii) is the world's largest and longest-lived freshwater eel. It is of great cultural and biological significance in New Zealand. Velvet & Elvis is a global citizen's thoughtful response to a unique species on the edge of extinction.

Stephanie Bowman combines her talents as an artist, her skills as a science and art educator, and her passion for the environment to help others gain a deeper appreciation of the natural world.