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Stella Brennan

Digital update

ZenDV is a tribute to Zen TV and Zen for Film, famous 1960s works by Korean/American video artist Nam June Paik. Paik’s Zen for Film is a clear filmstrip with no sound-track, which accumulated the marks from repeatedly playing through a film projector.

Brennan’s ZenDV takes Paik's film strip and reproduces it digitally, using digital filters and codes to duplicate the damage to the film. One screen plays this digital reproduction; the other plays the test pattern of analogue TV. Brennan is commenting on the change from analogue TV, which is subject to damage and interference, to digital TV with its accuracy and clarity.

Since the late 1980s, Te Papa has collected media art, including video. 

This text was prepared for the Collecting Contemporary exhibition, June 2011.

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