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New voices

Te Papa's purchases of works from new and emerging artists are based on the artist's individual practice, and the work's wider significance.

Often these artists, although at the beginning of their careers, have in a short period of time developed a considerable exhibition history and a profile nationally and sometimes internationally.

The work's significance may lie in the content, which might provide an important commentary about current issues in art, or reflect current art practice and ideas. It might expand those ideas, or provide an alternative approach to them. Equally, the work might be valued for its production methods, or for its investigation of the medium used in the work, or for innovative work in that medium.  

Works that are acquired by Te Papa from new or emerging artists highlight the continually changing and developing nature of contemporary art, and the Museum's ongoing engagement with contemporary art practice, ideas, and trends.

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This text was prepared for the Collecting Contemporary exhibition, 2011-2012.

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