New Zealand in Bloom: The Commercial Art of Bernard Roundhill

New Zealand in Bloom: The commercial art of Bernard Roundhill 

Exhibition now closed
16 July 2005 – 5 March 2006
Free entry


This exhibition introduces you to the work of Bernard Roundhill, the founding father of commercial art in New Zealand. See Roundhill’s artwork for some of the most famous product brands in New Zealand – Wattie’s, Craig’s, Winstones, Crest, Innes, and Yates. These were household names in the 1950s and 1960s, when Skippy the Crest dog and the Innes Lemonade Girl were instantly recognisable.

But Roundhill’s images were more than just product brands. They promoted particular values of wholesomeness, freshness, value-for-money, and self-reliance. Roundhill was reflecting how we saw ourselves during this time - and in that way helped to shape our national identity.