Dinosaurs from China

Dinosaurs from China 

Exhibition now closed
6 December 2003 – 21 April 2004
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On display in Dinosaurs from China were a wide range of dinosaurs, many of them dating back over 150 million years to the Jurassic Period. They included some spectacular specimens – gigantic lumbering sauropods, such as the 24-metre-long Mamenchisaurus, stegosaurus with their sharp spines and sturdy plates, and vicious predators such as the terrifying Yangchuanosaurus. This is a Chinese relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, with sharp, jagged teeth, long claws, and sturdy arms – ideal for tearing up the flesh of its prey!

Dinosaurs from China served as a great introduction to the study of fossils, and a special Dinosaur Trail activity was developed for younger children. Highlights in the exhibition included information and objects relating to one of the most exciting areas of dinosaur discovery in recent years – the evolutionary connection between dinosaurs and birds.

Until 28 February 2004, in conjunction with the exhibition, The Dominion Post ran a competition offering a fabulous Hollywood holiday for the family as the prize.

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