Egypt: Beyond the tomb 

Exhibition now closed 9 Dec 2006 – 29 Apr 2007
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The mysteries of ancient Egypt have intrigued young and old since the first discoveries of this fascinating civilisation. Egypt: Beyond the tomb brings the ancient Egyptian world of the dead to life right here at Te Papa.

Featuring in this breathtaking exhibition are the 2700-year-old mummy of Keku and her intricately decorated sarcophagus (coffin) – plus over 200 other ancient Egyptian burial treasures.

Experience how researchers have pieced together Keku’s story from the diverse clues that her civilisation left behind. Follow her preparations for death and her perilous journey through the underworld towards the eternal afterlife. See mummification tools, amulets to protect the dead on their underworld journey, and other rare and beautiful artefacts.

This must-see exhibition has been developed by the Australian Museum and the National Museum of Antiquities, The Netherlands. It will be accompanied by a stimulating series of events for visitors of all ages, with highlights over the summer holidays.

Step into the world of the ancient Egyptians, where life exists beyond the tomb.

Images © National Museum of Antiquities, The Netherlands


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