Splendours of Japan 

Exhibition now closed
4 March – 30 April 2006
Free entry
Arts; People and history 

Splendours of Japan

Splendours of Japan illuminates some 5000 years of Japanese history. The exhibition showcases items seldom seen outside Japan, including three National Treasures and seven items designated as Important Cultural Properties.

Alongside these treasures are numerous other fascinating objects. They range from stone-age tools to one of Japan’s finest samurai swords to exquisite woodblock prints from the 1800s.

Together, the objects offer a taste of Japan’s rich artistic achievement and cultural heritage. Important influences on Japanese culture are revealed – including its rulers, religions, and relationship with the outside world over time.

Encompassing the everyday and the extraordinary, the treasures in this exhibition give insights into a world that is unfamiliar to many New Zealanders. Experience the beauty and elegance that characterise Japanese life, art, and custom.