Sketch for Oddooki


Exhibition now closed
18 October 2008 – 7 June 2009
Free entry
Arts; Family 

oddooki, by seung yul oh

Seung Yul Oh

Seung Yul Oh’s project, installed on the Outer Terrace until June 2009, is a playful collection of five egg-shaped birds that rock and chime. Based on weighted toys that always right themselves, the works contrast a folksy aesthetic with the formal sculptural properties of high-gloss finished surfaces. The title of the installation is based on a translation of the Korean word for these rocking toys into English letters, giving us the intriguing Oddooki.

Dispersed throughout the space, the oddooki play with form, surface, colour and movement. Oh takes advantage of Wellington’s natural elements by creating a work that is activated by the wind and animated by other natural elements, such as the play of summer light on the glossy surface of the works. He refers to the pieces that make up Oddooki as performance sculptures that ‘might be read as players in an orchestra, each generating their own unique tones, or as a dance ensemble of quirky egg-like figures choreographed by the wind.’