Qui Tutto Bene: The Italians in New Zealand 

Exhibition now closed 13 Nov 2004 – 6 May 2007
Free entry
People and history 

Qui Tutto Bene The Italians in New Zealand

Ask Italians how things are going and they’ll often say, ‘Qui tutto bene (everything’s fine).’ Sometimes that is so, sometimes it can cover mixed feelings.

This exhibition captures the mix of adventure, hardship, and success from which the Italian community in New Zealand has grown. It presents the story of migration from the earliest adventurers, to families driven by economic necessity, to those who can choose the best of both worlds – a New Zealand lifestyle, with opportunities for frequent visits back home. It also celebrates the skills, the style, and the taste that Italians have contributed to living here.

Explore the stories of Italian settlers, from winemakers to miners, fishermen to market gardeners, tunnellers to artists. Find out how World War II brought hardship and even internment to Italians here when they were classed as enemy aliens. View fine examples of contemporary Italian art and design, and get a glimpse of the camaraderie and vitality of the Italian clubs and organisations

Qui Tutto Bene is a collaboration between Te Papa and the New Zealand Italian community, whose members have shared their expertise and a rich collection of stories, photographs, and objects. Through these, the exhibition showcases the fascinating story of a small and vibrant community and captures the wonderfully diverse influence of Italian skills and flair on life in New Zealand. 

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