Space: A galaxy of adventure 

Exhibition now closed 11 Dec 2004 – 29 Mar 2005
Free entry


For centuries the stars guided adventurers across the oceans of this planet on long extraordinary voyages of discovery. Now those extraordinary voyages of discovery are to the stars themselves. Space: A galaxy of adventure is a journey into the amazing world of space exploration. It’s an exciting interactive exhibition that the whole family will love.

In this exhibition you can experience what it’s like out there in space. You can land a space shuttle flight simulator, fire a rocket, and even find out how long it would take you to run to the Moon at your top speed.

There’s also a store of fascinating information and images. See the spectacular photographs of Saturn being sent back by the Cassini spacecraft, and take a guided tour of our summer night sky.

New Zealand’s experts on space are here too – legendary Polynesian explorer Kupe who navigated the Pacific by the stars; exceptional amateur astronomer Albert Jones; William Pickering, leading scientist in the NASA space programme; and  Pauline Harris who loved Star Trek and Dr Who as a kid and is now an astrophysicist.

This exhibition was developed by Scitech Discovery Centre in Perth, Western Australia. Te Papa gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the Carter Observatory, National Observatory of Aotearoa New Zealand.