Wings: Nature's flying machines 

Exhibition now closed 22 Aug 2003 – 25 Apr 2004
Free entry

Wings: Nature's flying machines | Hua rere a te taiao is a dynamic and interactive exhibition that presents the mysteries and marvels of flight in the natural world. 

From the model pterosaur to the moulting penguin to the dazzling array of winged insects, Wings is rich with great items from Te Papa’s collections. Manu tukutuku (Māori kites) and boomerangs illustrate the role of artificial wings in people’s culture and lives. Diagrams, working models, video clips, and interactives offer surprising and sometimes novel insights into how flight happens.  

You can discover how flying developed, why wings are essential for flying, and the many other purposes that wings serve. You can also find out how people have made use of nature’s wings and how through their observation and ingenuity they have become wing-makers and fliers themselves.