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Āpirana Ngata

Apirana Turupa Ngata (1874–1950, Ngati Porou), New Zealand
Apirana Turupa Ngata (1874–1950, Ngati Porou), New Zealand 1940, Photograph by Earle Andrew (1909–86), New Zealand, courtesy of Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand (Earle Andrew Collection, 1/4-021044-F)

Apirana Turupa Ngata (1874–1950, Ngati Porou) was a land reformer, politician, and scholar who worked tirelessly for Maori throughout his life.

Ngata was the first Maori to graduate from university and among the first New Zealanders to achieve a double degree (politics and law). He served as a Member of Parliament from 1905 to 1943, spending 6 years as Minister of Native Affairs.

Promoting land reform, language, & culture

Land reform and Maori farming were among Ngata'a enduring concerns. He held great mana (prestige), and Maori around the country enthusiastically adopted his land development schemes in the 1920s and 30s.

Ngata energetically promoted the Maori language and culture, particularly through publications like Nga Moteatea (1928) and meeting-house development and restoration projects. He also campaigned for better recognition of Maori soldiers.

Ngata was knighted for services to Maori in 1927.

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