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Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family at Te Papa from 27 September 2014

If you thought you knew tyrannosaurs, think again. Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family provides a snapshot of dinosaur life and explores how tyrannosaurs became the world’s top predators with their massive skulls, powerful jaws, and bone-crunching teeth. While the most-famous member of this family was the mighty T. rex, tyrannosaurs came in all shapes and sizes including Guanlong, the ‘crown dragon’, and the tiny Dilong, the ‘emperor dragon’ with a skeleton just one metre long.

Make a date

Make a date in your calendar for next school holidays to bring your family to meet the Tyrannosaur family – here at Te Papa from 27 September 2014 to 8 February 2015.

We’ll be counting down to when the tyrannosaur family arrives, so come back and visit this page to check in. We’ll also post interesting and amazing tyrannosaur facts.

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Exhibition Principal Sponsor: Mitre 10 Mega.An exhibition devloped and toured by the Australian Museum.Sponsored by Wellington City Council.Sponsored by Visa.