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Education kits


This exhibition is now closed. You are welcome to make use of these education resources.

Egypt: Beyond the Tomb will inspire students right across the year levels. It links with a range of curriculum areas, especially social studies but also the arts, English, technology, and science.

Education kits for primary schools and secondary schools support the exhibition. You can download the full kits or parts of them.

Both kits:

  • provide background information about ancient Egypt
  • guide you through the exhibition and suggest questions to help your students interpret the content
  • offer activities for back at school
  • list related websites and other resources.


Primary school kit (pdf)
Secondary school kit (pdf)
Download entire kit (743kb) Download entire kit (488kb)
Download individual sections Download individual sections
Introduction (48kb) Introduction (50kb)
Curriculum Links (30kb) Curriculum Links (38kb)
Exhibition guide (66kb) Exhibition guide (68kb)
Background information (59kb) Background information (68kb)
Classroom activities (125 kb) Classroom activities (48kb)
Timeline of ancient Egypt (28kb) Timeline of Ancient Egypt (30kb)
Gallery of gods (231kb) Gallery of gods (231kb)
Heiroglyphs (200kb) Related websites (32kb)
Related websites (30kb)