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Our Partners Absolutely Positively Wellington Bridgestone Design Museum, London Shell V-Power



Win a shirt signed by a Ferrari F1 driver!

Shell V-Power is proud to be the principal partner of Formula One – The Great Design Race exhibition. 

Shell first began working with Ferrari more than 60 years ago, building one of the most successful technical partnerships in motorsport. 

The relationship enables Shell’s fuel technicians, who attend every Formula 1 race, to develop and test fuel and lubricants in the most demanding of environments.  And what is learned at the racetrack, is refined and put into Shell’s premium fuel for everyday motorists.

Shell V-Power is formulated to remove power-robbing deposits, leading to better engine responsiveness and smoother acceleration.* Shell V-Power helps keep new engines running like new for longer and restores older engines to peak condition.

Shell V-Power, the fuel developed with Ferrari.

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*When compared with Shell Ultra Hi 95.