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The Tenth Anniversary parade, Tien An Men Square, Beijing
The Tenth Anniversary parade, Tien An Men Square, Beijing  1959
Brian Brake, Beijing
Gift of Mr Raymond Wai-Man Lau, 1995

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Highlight: New Zealand in Uniform


From battlefield to sports field, church to catwalk, schoolyard to street ... uniforms are everywhere.
Te Papa’s exhibition, Uniformity: Cracking the dress code, explores the meanings and origins of uniforms, which often have military or religious roots.
Uniformity: Cracking the dress code opens from 27 September 2012 to 15 September 2013 in the Eyelights Gallery on Level 4.

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Highlight: Postcrossing


On the 1st of January, like many, I set my New Years resolutions.  Every year it seems that the same old resolutions crop up….spend less (failed), lose weight (TBC – I have all year so why start dieting now), use time wisely (weekend nana naps are a good use of time aren’t they?).  This year I have however thrown in a newbie….join postcrossing (www.postcrossing.com). Three months on and I am absolutely hooked. 

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Highlight: Mollie Rodie


In the build up to the Royal wedding there was a lot of coverage on what the wedding dress will look like and who would be designing it. As a lover of children’s books this hype has brought back a whole lot of memories of a book on Princess Diana I cherished as a child (in fact a quick phone call to my mother confirmed it was still on the bookcase in my family home).

This book ‘Diana, the Fairy Tale Princess’ by Lucy Butler is a beautifully illustrated book written by a twelve-year-old girl about the life of the Princess of Wales from birth to motherhood. Like most little girls my excitement would build as I got to the place in the story with a drawing of her wedding dress.

The illustrations within this book reminded me of a collection of exquisite costume sketches that exist in Te Papa’s own collection, by Marion (Mollie) Florence Rodie.

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