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Te Papa staff giving an education programme in Toi Te Papa

Curriculum Links
Toi Te Papa offers an excellent opportunity for teaching to visual arts achievement objectives in the Arts Curriculum.
The Arts - the Visual Arts
Understanding the Visual Arts in Context
Levels 3-8
The Arts - the Visual Arts
Communicating and Interpreting in the Visual Arts
Levels 1-8
It is also suitable for NCEA students and can be used in assessments for:

  • NCEA: The visual arts, levels 1-3
  • NCEA: Art history, levels 1-3.

This minisite is also a useful resource for art students.

It includes information about selected artworks and a short video that shows how students might practise communicating and interpreting visual arts.
View the video.

In addition, Te Papa Education Te Ipu Kahuirangi offers education programmes that have been developed to support the above curriculum links. The information is tailored to suit the level of your students.


Google Art ProjectA number of Te Papa's art works, objects and Taonga are available in the Google Art project, in high resolution, alongside iconic works from other major institutions around the world.
Te Papa's collection on Google Art Project


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