Job Application Form

Te Papa is open 365 days of the year. Staff working in the Hospitality Division and public areas of Te Papa are rostered to provide service 365 days in the year. Staff working in non-public areas work flexible hours, Monday to Friday to meet Te Papa's needs.

Please complete relevant sections of this application form, and attach your current CV and covering letter. The information you provide on this form will be used strictly in confidence. If your application is successful, the Human Resources Division as part of Te Papa's personnel records, will hold the information you supply.

Please note that this form is only for positions that have been advertised.

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  1. General information
  2. Are you a NZ citizen or NZ resident?
    Do you have a work permit?
  3. Have you had an injury or any medical condition that may be aggravated or affect your ability to perform the duties of the position?

  4. Please detail any criminal convictions you have.
    Note that you do not have to include any convictions under the Criminal Records Clean Slate Act 2004.

    Refer to website if you are unsure.
  5. Do you have a current drivers licence?
  6. Do you agree to enquires being made as to the accuracy of information in this application form and in your CV?
  7. Do you have a spouse, partner, relative or household member working at Te Papa?
    (Your response to this question may be necessary to prevent potential conflicts of interest.)

  1. CV

  1. All applicants

  1. Hospitality division only
  2. Are you applying for the Hospitality Division position?


    Are you over the age of 18 years?
    (You only need to answer this question if applying for a role in Te Papa's Hospitality Division, to ensure that the legal requirements are met - Sale of Liquor Act.)

    Infectious disease / immunisation history
    Immunity status

    Prior to taking up employment with Te Papa's Hospitality Division, please provide information about your personal immune status for the infectious diseases listed below:

    Have you been immunised against the following? If so, please indicate date last immunised.




    Hepatitis status
      Have you ever had viral Hepatitis or been tested positive for Hepatitis A?

      In the past 12 months, have you come into contact with a person who has Hepatitis?

      In the past 12 months, have you received a Hepatitis A vaccination?

  1. Hours for Public and Hospitality positions only
  2. Please fill in the hours that you are available to work, in the spaces below, taking into account your personal circumstances.

    Hours of Work

    Holidays, incl. Stat/School

  1. Declaration
  2. I hereby declare my answers to all health questions are full and true to the best of my knowledge.

    I acknowledge receipt of this health questionnaire and understand the intent is to assess conditions that may affect my ability to safely perform essential job functions. I understand this information will be kept confidential.

    I understand that should I answer No to any of the above Immune Status questions I may be requested to undertake a series of immunisation tests or immunisations, at Te Papa's expense, prior to my employment.


    Information on Recruitment and Selection Process for Applicants

    • Shortlisting is based on the written applications received from applicants. The selection panel will shortlist applicants whose written applications indicate they best meet the key competencies of the vacancy.
    • If you are shortlisted and selected for an interview you will be contacted by telephone and an interview date and time will be arranged.
    • If you are not shortlisted for an interview the Panel Chairperson will advise you in writing.
    • All applicants selected to attend an interview are advised that they may bring along whanau or support. The applicant will meet all costs associated with bringing whanau or support groups to an interview. If you are selected for an interview please advise if you do wish to bring whanau or support with you.
    • Te Papa conducts structured Behavioural Event Interviews with all shortlisted applicants.
    • Candidates selected for interview may also be required to undertake some competency based assessment. This may include presentations, written exercises, role-plays or psychometric testing. You will be advised of all details when contacted by telephone for an interview.
    • All non-successful interviewed applicants will be advised by telephone by the Panel Chairperson who is usually the Manager of the vacancy. A letter confirming this conversation will also be sent out by the Panel Chairperson.
    • Reference checks will be conducted as part of the selection process and a minimum of two work related verbal references are required. Te Papa will not rely on written references.
    • If it is found that you have given incorrect or misleading information or have omitted any relevant information on this application form, you may be disqualified from appointment, or if appointed, you may be liable to be dismissed.
    • Te Papa does not reimburse expenses for appointees who need to relocate to Wellington to take up a position with Te Papa.
  3. Privacy of Information Statement (Privacy Act 1993)
    Any information that you provide in this application form is solely for the purpose of assessing your suitability for the vacancy you have applied for. The information will not be used for any other purpose or supplied to any other party.