Karanga Aotearoa Repatriation Programme 

Te Papa is undertaking a formal repatriation programme of kōiwi tangata Māori and koimi  Moriori (Māori and Moriori ancestral remains) to New Zealand and to hapū/iwi communities of origin. The New Zealand government has agreed to fund Te Papa Tongarewa to undertake this work on its behalf. All queries regarding this programme should be addressed to Te Papa in the first instance.

In February 2001, the Board of Te Papa approved its policy on matters relating to kōiwi/koimi tangata Māori and Moriori. The policy provides a comprehensive framework for the management and care of kōiwi/koimi tangata in the Museum’s guardianship. It provides guidelines for responding to requests to repatriate kōiwi/koimi tangata from overseas institutions and museums.  It also provides guidelines for repatriating to hapū and iwi.

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Karanga Aotearoa Repatriation Programme

In 2003, the government mandated Te Papa to develop a formal programme for the repatriation of kōiwi/koimi tangata from international institutions to iwi.

Objectives of the Karanga Aotearoa Repatriation Programme include:

  • carrying out quality research with appropriate tikanga 
  • bringing kōiwi/kōimi tangata home from overseas institutions and museums
  • facilitating their final resting place through engagement with iwi 
  • maintaining close communication with iwi 
  • working under the guidance and advice of experts in the form of a Repatriation Advisory Panel  


Hui a Rohe

An important objective of the programme is to ensure that iwi have a forum where important issues about repatriation can be discussed and opinions shared. Wānanga and Hui a Rohe are facilitated by Te Papa to gain feedback from iwi so that Te Papa can endeavour to facilitate their requests and provide them with further information.

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The Repatriation Advisory Panel

The current members of the Repatriation Advisory Panel are:

  • Prof. Pou Temara
  • Hokimoana Te Rika-Hekerangi
  • Alfred Preece (Jnr)
  • Haami Piripi
  • Te Kanawa Pitiroi
  • Derek Lardelli
  • Prof. Ngapare Hopa
  • Aroha Mead

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The Karanga Aotearoa Repatriation team

The Karanga Aotearoa Repatriation team is:

  • Te Herekiekie Haerehuka Herewini
  • Amber Kiri Aranui
  • Te Arikirangi Mamaku 

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Repatriation Resources

These resources explore the steps in the repatriation process, and provide information about the guidelines and procedures followed by the programme. The resources are also available in hard copy.

Access the resources (pdf) 

Contact the Karanga Aotearoa Repatriation Team

Te Herekiekie Herewini
Manager of Repatriation
Email: TeHerekiekie.Herewini@tepapa.govt.nz

"Tukuna mai he kapunga oneone ki a au hei tangi"

"Send me a handful of soil so I may weep over it"