Key themes from consultation feedback 

The vision and long-term strategy is divided into two parts.

Part 1: Impact on the Nation, addresses why Te Papa is here and who it is here for and what Te Papa does that is so special. The aspirations in Impact on the Nation primarily concern Te Papa’s purpose and role as a museum and are outward looking.

Part 2: Developing Te Papa addresses how Te Papa needs to develop and invest and what Te Papa must achieve for the future. The aspirations in Developing Te Papa primarily concern the development of Te Papa internally as an organisation.

In providing their say, stakeholders were asked to think of the following:

  • How you see Te Papa’s proposed vision and strategies impacting on you/your organisation, and/or New Zealanders.
  • How you believe Te Papa’s proposed vision and strategies will deliver on its purpose as outlined in the Act.
  • In what way does Te Papa’s proposed vision and strategies meet your and/or your organisation’s expectations of a national museum for Aotearoa New Zealand.

All submissions were recorded and responses were then categorised according to the aspirations and strategies. The responses were then analysed to identify the key themes and issues.

The key issues raised by respondents are summarised further. (provide anchors to each section)