Kiwi Corner Store 

Kiwi Corner Store

Curriculum links

Learning area

• Social Studies

Which strands will it fit with?

• Identity, Culture, and Organisation: The Economic World: Continuity and Change

Key competencies

Participating and contributing: Thinking: Using language, symbols, and text.

Levels of achievement

Levels 1–5

Year group

Years 1–6

Which topics of study can it support?

  • New Zealand history
  • New Zealand icons
  • New Zealand society, past and present
  • Innovations and inventions
  • Mathematics and society

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How long might this take?

• Allow 20–30 minutes.

Where can I find it?

• Inspiration Station Discovery Centre, Level 4, just behind Slice of Heaven. If you get lost, just ask a Te Papa Host.

Why should I take my class to visit this?

  • The Kiwi Corner Store is a fun, hands-on interactive ‘shop’ within the Inspiration Station Discovery Centre. Te Papa's four Discovery Centres are specially designed for children aged 7-12.
  • This space displays well-known, even iconic, New Zealand product brands.
  • It tells real stories of people's experiences in New Zealand shops.
  • It shows how the experience of of shopping, currency, product prices, and packagin have changed in New Zealand.
  • It provides excellent opportunities for teaching mathematical skills.
  • The Kiwi Corner Store is readily accessible and your whole clas can fit in at the same time.

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What is there to do there?

  • Find the push buttons and listen to people’s experiences and memories of shops in New Zealand.
  • Open drawers and find items that were sold in corner stores many years ago.
  • Go 'shopping' and find the items on the shopping lists provided.
  • Compare new and old New Zealand coins and notes.
  • Make a coin rubbing to take home.
  • Investigate some shop items from different times in New Zealand history.
  • Compare the prices of items in 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000.
  • Add up the prices, up on an abacus or calculator.
  • Search for well-known Kiwi brands. How have branding and artwork changed over time?
  • Learn how to use shop scales to weigh items.
  • Design a coin or try to complete the Kiwi products puzzle.

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What should I know about this?

  • Kiwi Corner Store is part of the Inspiration Station Discovery Centre, which is one of four Discovery Centres in Te Papa specially designed for children aged 7–12.
  • Kiwi Corner Store focuses on how the experience of shopping changes over time.
  • It displays iconic New Zealand product brands.
  • It tells real stories of people’s experiences in New Zealand shops.
  • Local shops, dairies, grocers, and general stores have served New Zealanders’ shopping requirements since the early 19th century.
  • This exhibition space displays some classic Kiwi icons.
  • Kiwi Corner Store shows how currency, product prices, and packaging change.

Possible topics for discussion

  • What major changes have occurred in shopping in New Zealand - for example, price, products, and currency?
  • What is currency and how has New Zealand’s currency developed?
  • Pretend to buy and sell products using a cash register. Why did you choose these products?
  • Think of a special occasion, such as Christmas or a holiday. What products would you need to buy to provide for your whānau?
  • What products should you have in your house in case of a disaster? Can you buy any of them from this shop?
  • Compare abacuses with calculators. How does an abacus work? Do you find it easier to add up numbers using a calculator?
  • Listen to the audio interactives, then talk about your own shopping experiences. Have you had any funny, silly, or bad experiences in shops in New Zealand?
  • Search for some iconic Kiwi brands in the store. Compare how the packaging has or hasn’t changed over time. If you could create some packaging what kind of designs would you use? Can you think of any new packaging ideas?
  • If you could design some money, what would you put on each side
    • of a coin?
    • of a bank note?

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