Strategic Project Grant 


Purpose of the Strategic Project Grant

We are not currently accepting applications for the Strategic Project Grant. We expect to hold the next round in mid-2015 - check back again to find out application dates. 

A Strategic Project Grant is about thinking strategically and working collaboratively. This grant supports projects with long-term outcomes that benefit museums, galleries, iwi groups, their taonga, and their communities.

We welcome applications from non-profit organisations of all sizes and stages of development, as well as collaborative applications from groups of organisations.

Want to know more?

How much funding can you apply for?

We have a modest pool of $35,000 to distribute in each funding round, and each application is capped at $5,000, excluding GST.

The financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June.  There are up to two funding rounds each financial year.

Who is eligible?

You must represent a legally constituted non-profit organisation, such as an incorporated society or a charitable trust. If you have applied for a new status and are waiting for confirmation, just let us know in your application.

If your organisation does not hold legal status, you may need to work with an ‘umbrella’ organisation to put in your application.

Please note that we work to the financial year, 1 July to 30 June. During this period, if your organisation already receives a Helping Hands Grant, you are not eligible for a Strategic Project Grant, as funding is limited.

Can whānau or hapū apply?

Yes, but through their legally constituted iwi organisation. It will strengthen your case if that organisation supports your project for the duration of the contract (usually up to 12 months). We encourage whānau and hapū to frame their project within the broader iwi strategy and consider how it helps to develop the iwi as a whole.

For further information or to discuss your project, contact Kylie Ngaropo, Manager Iwi Development: or freephone 0508 678 743.

Projects we support

A. Working strategically – working towards your long-term goals, a project that is part of your big picture. Projects might include:

  • business case investigations for new areas of business or development
  • the development of planning and policy documents for more effective and efficient museum operations.

B. Working collaboratively – working with other groups/museums/galleries in your community. Projects might include:

  • establishment and coordination of regional networks and/or special interest networks, regional workshops, and/or strategies
  • collaborative promotion and marketing
  • development of regional cultural strategies
  • development of an educational resource
  • other collaborative projects that are over and above your normal operations.

C. Working towards a sustainable future – working towards a secure and fundable future for your museum. Projects might include:

  • review of governance structure
  • sustainability audits.

Projects we don't support

We don’t support capital projects or capital items. That includes building projects and major redevelopments or any item that lasts longer than 12 months and costs more than $500, excluding GST.

Other projects we don’t support: 

  • everyday operations, including:
  • the acquisition or conservation of artworks or artifacts
  • projects specifically supported by other funders, including:
    • oral history projects – funded by National Library of New Zealand
    • educational programmes – funded by the Ministry of Education
    • capital items and projects – funded by Lottery WWI Commemorations and Environment & Heritage Grants
  • projects that have already been completed
  • projects from businesses or profit-making entities
  • loan repayments
  • overseas travel (See: Professional Development Grant)
  • national travel, except where necessary for the broader project (See: Travel Subsidy Grant)

Examples of strategic projects

  • A museum or gallery determines that they don’t have an adequate framework for governance, and they are questioning their sustainability. They want to get a suitable contractor in to look at how their whole museum operation can be more robust and sustainable. They need to clearly define their future direction, and this project will benefit the museum in the long term.
  • A regional cluster group of museum staff and volunteers get together from time to time to discuss their issues and ideas. One idea they have is to establish a regional strategy for working more closely with local iwi to enable a cohesive and inclusive framework for how the museums display taonga and tell local stories. Their Strategic Project Grant application is submitted as a cluster – they demonstrate consultation with local iwi and have clearly defined the process and articulated the outcomes of creating the strategy. They have the support of the district council and have identified project costs and milestones.
  • A group of four hapū have come together to develop an iwi cultural centre. They have been working with local and national organisations, including museums, National Services Te Paerangi, schools, cultural institutions, their local hapū, and their iwi trust board over the past three years to plan and develop the concept for the cultural centre. There has been positive engagement with all of their hapū, and they have already received advice and support from many of these organisations. Now they are at the stage where they need to develop key planning and policy documents for the cultural centre.

How do you apply?

We are not currently accepting applications for the Strategic Project Grant. We expect to hold the next round in mid-2015 - check back again to find out application dates. 

Before applying, you must contact your local Development Officer to discuss your proposed project:

Sally August, Museum Development Officer, North Island | 029 601 0370

Judith Taylor, Museum Development Officer, South Island | 029 601 0410

Gavin Reedy, Iwi Development Officer | 029 601 0440 

Please download and complete the application form below and send to:

Strategic Project Grant
National Services Te Paerangi
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
P O Box 467

or email to

Download the Strategic Project Grant application form (DOC, 153kB) 

Download a printable version of the Strategic Project Grant criteria (PDF, 106kB)

Please don’t post or email your application to a particular staff member. (In the absence of the named staff member, your application would be delayed.)

Acknowledgement of National Services Te Paerangi

Grant recipients are required to acknowledge the support of National Services Te Paerangi. For example, you could include acknowledgement in your newsletter or on your website.

Any publicity materials directly funded by the Strategic Project Grant must include acknowledgement of National Services Te Paerangi. The National Services Te Paerangi logo and guidelines for use will be provided to you. We will need to view and approve proofs of publicity materials before they are printed. 

How will your application be assessed?

Your application will be assessed by National Services Te Paerangi staff and external advisors. 

You will be advised of the outcome one month after the closing date for applications. 

All decisions made by the assessment panel are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

How is payment made? 

Payment is made once the Strategic Project Grant contract is finalised and upon National Services Te Paerangi receiving your invoice. Note that we require an invoice directly from your organisation. We are unable to pay directly to suppliers.

Completing your project

Once your project is completed, you must complete a final report and submit it to National Services Te Paerangi.

Download the Strategic Project Grant report template (DOC, 99kB)